LEAM started as an idea to enable Europe to develop its own large AI models. Today, it is a network of highly skilled and enthusiastic AI-experts and data engineers. They work together in the Taskforce LEAM to define the goals of the initiative and to design a strategy to fulfill these goals.

The Taskforce LEAM is divided into three working groups. Each of them focuses its work on one topic:

The working group ‘Data & Algorithms’ is working on concrete concepts for the first large European AI models. Their goal is to develop ethical and sustainable models that have a real economic and societal impact.

The working group ‘Infrastructure’ identifies the needed architecture for developing large European AI models. Computing centers must be sustainable, secure and future-proof.

The working group ‘Governance & Financing’ evaluates possible organisational structures for the initiative and identifies funding possibilities. States and industry have to work together to make large European AI models a reality.

Working Groups of the LEAM Taskforce

Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit
Head of WG Data & Algorithms

Founder & Chief Scientist at Giance Technologies; Scientific Director at DFKI

Dr. Johannes Otterbach
Head of WG Data & Algorithms

VP Machine Learning Research at
Merantix Labs

Lydia Hertel
Head of WG Infrastructure

Business Development Manager at Cloud&Heat

Johannes Bubenzer
Head of WG Governance & Financing

Founder & CEO of 2txt

Prof. Dr. Philipp Slussalek
Head of WG Governance & Financing

Executive Director at DFKI Saarbrücken
Member of the DFKI Executive Board
Professor for Computer Graphics at Saarland University